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Another “interesting links” post, my usual Monday collection. Hope you find something of interest here!

Money as You Grow
Now this is really useful! Find out really simply what you should be teaching your kid about money depending on his age. I’ve always been really crap with money up until about 5 years ago, and I’m still not brilliant, but I want my children to be able to handle it better than I did, lurching from overdraft to credit card to overdraft when I was young. The advice on this site isn’t exhaustive but it’s a good start. Apparently at age 3-5 you should be teaching them
“you may have to wait before buying something”. Er, yes, that’s probably the bit I missed out on!

Solving the problem of duplicate photos on your computer
“From time to time you might have encountered the problem of duplicate photos. You might have imported a set of photos twice, accidentally duplicated a folder of photos, or you might have totally lost control of your photo collection to the extent that you now have multiple copies of your images and you don’t know where to begin finding, and cleaning them up.” This article gives various solutions for major clean up. If you use a non-phone camera and are constantly emptying memory cards onto your computer, it’s easy enough to go wrong sometimes – sort it out with the advice here.

Uses for a tumble-drier sheet of Bounce you’ve never thought of
They’re not only for chucking in the drier to stop your clothes getting all staticky … I am so going to check this summer to see if they repel the Scourge of Scotland: the venomous midgie. Nothing else works for me other than the vile DEET.

20 Things That Mentally Strong People Don’t Do
Oh … dear.  Dwelling on the past? Staying in comfort zone? Letting others make decisions for them? Erm, looks like I need to start building some mental muscle, then. How many of these points are YOU guilty of? And are they always a bad thing?

Exercise and I don’t really get along that well, to be honest. There’s a huge chasm between what my mind would like me to do and what my body actually stirs its stumps to really do. I’ve tried loads of things over the years and to be honest I am much happier sitting on my arse. It’s very hard to push myself NOT to do that. The one form of exercise I actually quite ENJOY is kettlercise, though unfortunately it’s yet to really take off in a big way here in Edinburgh so classes are very limited. So I bought the official  Kettlercise kettlebell and DVD for myself and am trying VERY hard to get the motivation to use it. Because when I tried the class before I loved it – you have to really think about what you’re doing, and man it was tough. I could really feel it working. It’s a shame the guy running the class had to cancel it because so few people wanted to do it because it’s an incredibly efficient form of exercise which is really natural, uses all muscles at once in proper tandem with each other, and you get very quick results. Oh, and you get strong.

Paleo bread
I’ve been trying to sell my breadmaker on Gumtree for a while now but nobody’s buying. Found this paleo bread recipe the other day which involves using a breadmaker so I’ll by testing it this week. The ingredients don’t look too complex, so here hoping it’s nice because the absolute worst thing for me about going primal/paleo is not having bread. I miss it so much!

A dress to die for
I WANT TO LOOK LIKE THIS! It’s not fair! Why can I not have long red hair?! I could wear this dress, but with blonde shortish hair, I’d just look washed out. But this dress, this cardigan … To die for. Oh, and I’d also like to be that slim. Please?

Blog backgrounds
These wouldn’t work if you’re the minimalist type in your design


Life without a smartphone - a break from the madding crowd
There are better ways, right?