Monday’s interesting links from the weekend post! Have at it …

Raise kids who become great adults
Now here’s an interesting thing to do! Get your kid to write down some visions of what he wants to be and how he wants to live when he’s grown up. Of course, if your kid is anything like mine he’ll probably mutter “dunno”, so you need to get specific. Where does he want to live? Dunno? How about rural -v- urban? What country? A settled house, or a succession of temporary accommodation whilst he travels round the world? Or a crack den slum?

Teach photography to children
After seeing me mess around so much with my “big camera”, the big lad decided he wanted to get his own. He had a load of birthday money so I thought I’d get him a bridge camera but he barely uses it. He just pesters me for mine all the time! He’s 11, and that’s certainly not too young to be taught the basics of what makes a great photo.

 The Best Productivity Tricks Used By Evil Dictators
Because we all need to know how to “purge threats to our power”!

How to Wake Up Every Morning on Top of the World
Instead of your first thought being “faaaack why didn’t I go to bed earlier ohmygodI’mknackered”, you’re better asking yourself what you have to look forward to in this day and how you can make it fabulous. Word.

How to Stretch After a Workout
Another smashing post from Nerd Fitness. (Although personally I’d quite like to just do the stretch and forget the workout.)

don't to forget to stretch after your workout

don’t to forget to stretch after your workout

Why gluten is poisoning you
I’m convinced. Every time I cave in and eat it now, I have horrible visions of what it’s doing to my insides. And the fact I feel a million times better without it makes me actually want to eat it less and less. And all these people who say “everything in moderation”? Rubbish.

For the garden: driftwood arch
As this costs over a grand it would be more feasible to build my own, but oh I DO like this! I can just imagine flowers growing up it in summer …

Blogging: how to make it
If you want to hit the big time, here’s how. Even if you don’t, this is still worth a read as it’s got all sorts of useful pointers. I don’t want to dump my friends though!

Now, you have a fabulous week okay? And if you particularly like any of these links, let me know in the comments :-)

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