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Bargain bin books – if you were the author, what would you think when your baby’s marked down to 99p?

I don’t often go to bookshops these days, mainly because I don’t have enough time. So I tend to get most of my books from Amazon or in supermarkets. It’s hard to go to a big Sainsburys and not sneak a wee £2.99 book into my basket! You do this too … Don’t you? I’m not alone here?

Anyway, this all made me think of prices. And what must it feel like to be a writer, have all the hype and wonderfulness of publishing the book you sweated buckets over. Maybe you even get on a best seller list, and it’s all just fabulous.

But fast forward a little in time. You as a Published Author are doing your shopping and you see a few copies of  your baby, your beloved book, chucked in a bargain bin. There are “99p” stickers on the covers. Would you care, I wonder? Would you have known in advance from publishers that this was going to happen? Would you not be that bothered because it sold so well anyway “in its day”, and you’ve profited nicely from it?

Or would you not give a monkeys because you’re so engrossed and embroiled in writing another book?

As I don’t think I’ll ever write a book I doubt I’ll ever find out the answer from personal experience. But I’d love to know how authors feel about seeing their work monetarily devalued like this. What do you think? How would you feel if it was your magnum opus in the bargain bin?

Finds from the weekend
Finds from the weekend