My boy beat me at a hand of cards this morning before he left for school.

While he was cooking and eating his scrambled egg breakfast, I got to sit for a few minutes with a cup of tea and watch the sun rise. (Yes, that view above!)

Last night I was asleep by 11 pm; almost unheard of for me. I’m the night owl who usually sees 1 am, if not 2. I get up at 7.15 am to sort out boyo for school and invariably feel like a complete and utter bag of shite as I’ve been up too late the night before.

I’m feeling most disoriented this morning because I had a good sleep, I had a game of cards with my son, I went outside in my pyjamas to take some photos of the sunrise and… I feel normal rather than knackered. So THIS is what it’s like!

How did this come to pass? Well, most uncharacteristically, I went to bed early, switched my smartphone off, and read a proper book instead. Like wot NORMAL people do, innit?

A confession … I’ve developed a rather nasty addiction to reading blog feeds on feedly.com on my phone in bed at night. And the light on my phone has been playing havoc with my sleep patterns.

Feedly is AWFUL, so addictive … “Just one more, just one more” I tell myself, flicking to yet another blog post, another article, bookmarking this, bookmarking that.

And the time marches on, my eyes burn, and still I can’t put it down. So many fascinating things to read out there! So little time!

Of course, in the morning I feel awful. I’ve been living on a sleep deficit for a while because of this but it stopped last night. Lack of sleep spills over into and spoils too many aspects of life, and I’ve had enough.

All part of the grand plan for 2014. Stop the self-sabotage! What are your self-sabotage habits? Tell me, oh please, so I know I’m not the only one who Could Do Better!

Right here, right now ... January 2014
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