It was fair to say her first experience of seeing Santa yesterday wasn’t a particularly good one.
He called out her name, tried to give her a present and she took fright  … So she hurled herself on the ground, drummed her heels on the floor, and screamed blue murder.

I swept her out of the pre-school room at nursery and back to the safety of her familiar baby-and-toddler room where she got stuck right into the party in there with gusto. There was dancing, there was singing, there was crap food, there was pass-the-parcel.

Ohhh, she loved pass-the-parcel! And was ever so good at taking the parcel from the child next to her and handing it on. Until she discovered that there was a wee bar of white chocolate between each layer of wrapping paper. She wasn’t so good at passing it on after that – she was hellbent on getting that chocolate!



So the sugar got her fired up nicely to do some holdy-handy-dancing with her best pal. Wee madam is on the right, in the pale coloured cardigan (I forgot to put her party dress on before taking her to nursery! How bad is that?!!) and her bff is in the navy dress. Seemingly they’re inseparable at the 2.5 days a week my girl goes to nursery, and I found out yesterday that they only live round the corner from us – happy days! Wee madam’s first proper “friend” to socialise with out of school! I’m ridiculously excited about it.

None of my friends have babies (maybe that’s the downside of me being 42 when I had Wee Madam) and I’ve never gone to any particular baby groups consistently or long enough to make other-mum-friends, so my poor Wee Madam until now has had no pals to see outwith nursery. But now she does! And I’m so happy for her!

My girl’s away at my in-laws’ for the weekend and although I’m really enjoying having a break from childcare, I’m missing her awfully and can’t wait to see her on Sunday afternoon. But I know she’ll be having ever such a good time and will be getting spoilt rotten, so …

Forgive me, I’m just going to have a wee wallow in a photo post. Sorry about the dodgy quality, they were all taken on my phone. Anyway, this is the wee girl I really didn’t think I’d ever have and she’s … just a star. *sniff*

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