books du jour

(Photo: the books on my table right now)

This journalling thing? I’ve never done it. Not since the days of spewing out teenage bile and angst in a diary with a “lock” you could pick with a fingernail.

Said lock was picked. I felt violated. Never wrote anything remotely resembling a journal ever again. Though this wee flowery book on top? I do keep planning/self-reflectively type notes of a sort in it.

Except now … I keep thinking … I keep reading … So many people are into this journalling thing. And get so much from it. Elizabeth at Mystic Vixen has been doing it for year’s and wrote an illuminating post about (and oh, her photos ..!) And Claire at Another Deep Day also gets a lot out of it. And gets up at 5.00 am to do it ..! Respect! (Erm, I can’t do that.)

But how does one go about it? Presumably if you’re the sole occupant of a house, you don’t have to worry too much about anyone else reading it. Cause I’m thinking that if you had to worry about anyone reading it, it would kind of defeat the purpose of writing it, wouldn’t it? Or would it?

But if you live in a house with other people what do you do? Just hide it? You could do an electronic version, I suppose, but that doesn’t appeal.

And another thing … Do habitual journallers read back the stuff they wrote? What if it’s really cringey and embarrassing? Wouldn’t it just make you feel bad and bring you down? (Heh, maybe I’m thinking back to my teenage diaries!)

I’ve been reading a bit about journalling recently on Kaizen Journalling and whilst I’m really attracted to the concept, I’m not quite sure how to put it into practice. I have visions of a beautiful A4 book like the one on the top of the pile in my photo above, and a lovely fountain pen, but I just can’t envisage getting an hour every day or so to do it, is all.

I’d love to hear any comments from journallers as to how you do it!

Morning view
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