7 teaspoons of coffee a day is probably bad for you, right? And each teaspoon goes with at LEAST a gallon of milk.

Then there’s the cheese. Hoovering one’s way through a whole packet of Gouda slices several evenings a week is also probably bad for you, yes? Oh, not as bad as grains, processed foods, sugar … But, you’re probably not going to lose a stone and be hay fever free on the quantities of cheese I can pack away.

misty road ahead

Day number 8: A day in the life …

I work four days a week, and this is the usual pattern of a working day. It’s desperately, stultifyingly boring, and I am absolutely determined not to spend the rest of my life like this!


I think … I’m actually feeling dizzy from posting THREE DAYS IN A ROW.
After being in hiding for some while, this October blog challenge is exactly what I need! And today it’s “Seven Lessons I’ve Learned This Year”.


What?! Only 6? The October blogging challenge dictates that I’m only allowed six?!

Look, I’m an opinionated cowbag and the notion of whittling this list down to only 6 points pains me. But I shall attempt it, because if wrote everything that really narked me, the list would never be finished. Plus, if I only list 6, it makes me look like a nice(er) person than I really am.


My top five favourite films … Today, at any rate. I reserve the right to change my mind every five minutes.

sweet peas

The story behind this blog name? Okay, hands up. Who thought this was an actual person’s name?


So life kept going on, as it does tend to if you’re still drawing breath.

And what of note happened in the last couple of months?


Really, I hardly know where to start.

So I will update by saying it’s been a rather shitty couple of months.

My mother died on 20 July, it was simply ghastly for a while afterwards, and now it’s not quite so ghastly because it’s sunk and I’ve largely made peace with it.


We whinge incessantly about our rubbish climate in this country, but when the universe pulls the stops out and gives us sun and a gentle breeze, there is nowhere else I’d rather be.


Today, I am 45.

I can’t say I’m ecstatic about it. It’s a funny age … The “5”s always are – they’re half way to the next big decade birthday.

It’s been a funny old day, and I’ve been thinking a lot …


That moment when you actually forgot you had another kid, he’s so good at flying belly-to-the-floor under the radar …

2010: I decide to take up vegetable gardening and discover I like photographing them as much as eating them

So what are the pros and cons of ditching the grains, lowering the carbs, and increasing the fat and protein? After a year and a half, they’ve become very apparent to me.


I go out to work four days a week and have one day at home, just me and wee lass. People at work say to me “enjoy your day off tomorrow!” not understanding that the day AFTER tomorrow, I’ll be back to work for a rest …

Gothic driveway

Fear of the unknown and why you shouldn’t indulge it – and how often what you fear is actually good for you


Isn’t it ridiculous … Here I am, a grown woman who’s perfectly used to marching into work situations and handling total strangers with aplomb, letting nerves at meeting total strangers in a social capacity put her off doing something fun for so long?

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